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We provide customers with the best renewable energy system--- a system that best fit your need and budget.


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 Product and Services

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Welcome to the official web site of Solartech Technologies LLC.  At Solartech, we set the standard for designing, implementing, supporting and repairing any renewable energy system by having a fully engineering staff.  Solar Technologies offers you a great variety of energy saving options that will help you save energy, money and are environmentally friendly.   

At Solartech Technologies, we specialize in the design and installation of fully integrated solar electric, solar hot water, wind, water pumping and emergency back-up systems for residential and business applications.  In addition to the above solar applications, we are able to  design solar options for any renewable energy system due to our all engineering staff.  We feature a full line of solar panels, inverters and solar electric components as well as energy efficient and green building products.

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New Skyline Light-Weight  & easy to Install Solar Hot Water collectors 


Cloudy Weather, Unbreakable, & roofing photovoltaic modules that area architecturally attractive . 


Solar  Evacuated Tubes.  Evacuated tubes are suitable for all climates.

Our New Solar Evacuated Tubes are esthetically designed and easy to install.  


New Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).  ICFs can save you up to 70% on your heating & cooling bills. The Grid-Wall

 ICF blocks are superior to any building structure today. For Grid-Wall ICFs details, please follow the above link . 


Product and Services

Solartech Technologies is committed to bringing cost effective, clean energy solutions to South Central Texas..

Residential Applications

Solartech Technologies offers turn key solar home energy systems which are designed to operate on or off the the public utility grid...


Business and Government Applications

Solartech Technologies designed and installed commercial wind, roof and integrated roof renewable energy systems...


Remote Sites Applications

Telecommunications, rural electrifications from lighting, appliances to water pumping...



Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

SIPs have a Poly-Urathane core that reduces cooling & heating annual bills  by 30 to 50%.  

In new construction, SIPs saves time by:

  • Quicker building erections
  • Eliminating Most onsite framing
  • Weather delays
  • Saving on Electrical rough-in
  • Eliminating inefficient onsite insulation installation. Click here for details


" The U.S. Environmental Protection agency's Energy Star® Program... states that water heating constitute 15% to 25%, or more, of the energy use of a home."

The EPA acknowledge the cost-competitiveness of the Solar water heaters over the gas and electric heaters.  To see the complete article, please click next. EPA Solar Water Heating article.

Commercial Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar hot water heaters operating cost can run as low as $5 a monthThis operating cost is associated with the AC operated pump, not the number of solar collector on the roof. For a zero cost solar water heater, we can design the system to operate a DC operated pump. For more details...


Solar Attic Fans

According to The Home Ventilation Institute studies, powered attic vents can save up to 30% in cooling needs.  Attic Spaces can get up to 150ºF! This heat can back-up into your living spaces.

Any home with an attic space (walk-in or crawl space), that is unheated in the winter, needs an attic fan to expel dollar-robbing heat collected during summer days. More...

Energy Saving Tips

For useful tips that will help you save money year round on your utility bill click on Energy Saving Tips.

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