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Solar Hot water Heaters

Commercial Hot Water Application

A Solar Hot Water Heater can provide 30% to 100% of commercial hot water needs. How does solar work? The cold water is pumped up to the solar collector when the water in the collectors is warmer than the water in the bottom of the solar tank.  An electrical control is constantly monitoring the temperature between the bottom of the solar tank and the solar collectors.  The typical operating temperature of Solar Hot Water Heaters is between 120 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit

The water pre-heated by the Solar Hot Water Heater is then fed to the gas heater. Depending on the preset temperature of the gas heater and the boiler, the pre-heated water will prevent the gas heater and boiler from doing any additional heating.  Based on customer request, the solar heater can be designed with several days of reserve that will increase the business profit even more.

Typical hot Water Use

Function Hot water Usage (Gal) Daily Energy Needs  Mo. CCF($) Daily Energy Needs Mo. cost KW ($)
Office 1 1 CCF Per Person $19.11 0.2 KW Per Person $0.42
School 1 1 CCF Per Student $19.11 0.2 KW Per Student $0.42
Restaurant 2.4 2 CCF Per Meal $40.95 0.5 KW Per Meal $1.05
Nursing Home 18.4 12 CCF Per Bed $311.22 3.4 KW Per Bed $7.14
Motel 15 10 CCF Per Unit $253.89 2.8 KW Per Unit $5.88
Salon 80 50 CCF Per Basin $1,348.62 14.7 KW Per Basin $30.87
Laundromat 50 31 CCF Per Top Loader $843.57 9.2 KW Per Top Loader Washer $19.32
  30 19 CCF Per Front Loader $505.05 5.5 KW Per Front Loader Washer $11.55

 Depending on your commercial hot water needs, Solar Heater kits can start as low as $1,692.  A solar heater kit includes a solar collector, pump, expansion tank, and the solar tank.  Solar hot water heater payouts typically range from three months to four years depending on customer needs.  The Solar heater kits do not include plumbing labor nor parts due to site-specific characteristics.  For prices on commercial hot water heaters based on daily hot water needs and mounting options please click on the following link.  Commercial Hot Water Heater Kit Prices.  Be aware that these prices are subject to change without notice, therefore please give us a call to obtain updated prices.

A 24 square foot (3x 8) solar collector generates an average of 22,000 BTU/Day.  The 22,000 BTU daily output of the solar collector is approximately 22 CCF of natural gas or 6KW. The 32 series collector is 32 square foot (4x 8) and generates an average of 30,000 BTU/Day.  The 30,000 BTU daily output of the solar collector is approximately 30 CCF of natural gas or 9KW. A single panel solar hot water heater can provide 40 gallons a day of free hot water.  If your  business consumes 40 gallons of hot water a day, your utility bill may easily exceed $500 a month. At that rate, the business could have paid for a Solar Hot water system kit in 3 months.  With a Solar Hot Water Heater, your business profit is not susceptible to market forces Solar energy is Inflation free 

 Solar Hot Water Heaters are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.  Their life expectancy is as good or better than conventional hot water systems.  The main advantage of having a Solar Hot Water Heater is that you have not monthly operating cost, therefore maximizing the return on your investment. Unlike their counterpart, conventional water heater systems have a recurring monthly fuel cost directly associated with their operation.



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