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Solar Water Pumps

There are many applications for solar water pumps such as water gardening , crop watering, cattle watering, and many others.  Solar pumps can be used to supply and/or supplement watering needs.

Agricultural Applications

One of the most common uses for solar water pumps is for agricultural purposes. Solar water pumping is ideal for remote locations that have no access to conventional power. Solar modules have endured over three decades without any noticeable deterioration in performance.


The use of windmills for water pumping has been around for more than 100 years. Windmills are dependable and have a long life.  Solar water pumping has a greater advantage over windmill pumping  because there is no maintenance associated with moving parts.

Recreational applications

 Pool owners have been taking advantage of solar water heating for a long time. Solar pool heating equipment prices are comparable to conventional pool heating equipment.  The advantage of having solar over conventional pool heating is that you only pay for it once.


Decorative applications

You can increase your property value and save money as you use solar to power your water fountain pumps. The solar water pumps can also be operated using their own backup power.



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