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May 19, 2007.
Solartech Technologies participated in Solar San Antonio's SOLAR FEST 2007.  Solartech Technologies shared a boot with San Antonio's long-time solar energy pioneer: Sun Energy Systems. The event opened at 9:00 am, but by 11:45 am we were running out of literature.  This indicated  San Antonio's residents concern  with reducing rising utility bills.  Solar San Antonio stated that this year's event had the highest attendance ever.  Organizers & exhibitors are claiming that attendance figures bordered 5,000.

April 22, 2007.
Solartech Technologies proudly joined New Braunfels Roots & Shoots on April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day 2007. Roots & Shoots' group leader, Paula Pebsworth did a great job by organizing New Braunfels' first Earth Day event way under budget (less than $100)  with more than 30 exhibitors.  All the exhibitors & organizers declared the event a success. 

March 24, 2007.
In our effort to help Texas residents, Solartech Technologies attended Live Oak County Fair on March 24th, 2007. We were trying to reach Texas residents that are facing high utility bills.  Unfortunately, electric coop members do not enjoy lower utility rates like large city residents do.  In many cases, coop residents face rates that are twice the rates large cities like San Antonio pay.

October 22, 2006.
Solartech Technologies joined forces with AAA Alamo Heating & Cooling. AAA Alamo heating & Cooling is San Antonio's Leading Expert in Hydronic climate controls systems.  Its president's, Jerry Posadas, 15 years of progressive experience in the HVAC industry strategically place AAA Alamo Heating & Cooling and Solartech as the first choice in renewable climate control solutions.

January 15, 2005.
Sun Energy Systems has signed a historic joint venture agreement with Solartech Technologies.  Sun Energy Systems is the most experienced Renewable energy engineering firm in South Central Texas.  Sun Energy has been serving South Central Texas for three decades.  This means expansion to new markets, sharing expertise, creation of new profit channels, and lower costs.
March 15 through 17th, 2004.
Mauricio McNish-Jay is certified by Solar San Antonio and City Public Service  to design, implement,  and to perform post-implementation support of Solargenix solar hot water heating systems.  The certification workshop was done at the Alamo Community College District Southwest Campus.  Solargenix Energy is a company with worldwide experience and leadership in the renewable energy industry.


The on-site implementation was done at Brooks City Base.





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