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Solartech Technologies Services

The services rendered by Solartech technologies can cover a project in its entirety from original concept to acceptance of completed construction work.

  • Consulting Services: we perform engineering studies (functional analysis), evaluations and recommendations (value engineering analysis), feasibility studies, and master planning
  • Design Services: cost estimates, design analysis, project scheduling, and conceptual drawings such as electrical standards and specifications.
  • Field services: troubleshooting, field engineering liaison and inspection, commissioning  and checkout, customer representation at acceptance testing of equipment, and preventive maintenance programs.
  • Construction services:  Commercial and industrial.

We provide our customers with a system that has been customized to meet all of their individual renewable energy needs.  Our design professionals are able to design a system that can meet each and every design challenge presented.  At Solartech, our experienced professionals are very familiar with the inherent strengths and weaknesses of most renewable energy products manufactured today.


Our Solartech engineering staff provides design, implementation, and post implementation support services for any renewable energy systems in the market today.  Unlike other solar companies, Solartech not only services its own equipment, but also any other manufacturer equipment. If the customer wishes to install the solar equipment him/herself--which we encourage--we provide all the necessary instructions and onsite or on the phone support to ensure proper installation.


We are the only company that provides engineering services for properly sizing and positioning equipment (piping and/or electrical).  In many cases, the solar equipment does not provide sufficient power because the solar company who installed it does not use all the proper engineering principles and the original design was not done by an engineer with the best solar experience.





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