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Solar Applications


There are innumerable renewable energy residential applications. Homeowners use solar and wind power to provide their homes with illumination, water supply, hot water, air conditioning, entertainment, food preparation and storage, gardening and many more...


Commercial businesses use renewable energy for hot water, lighting, security, air conditioning, gate openers, computer systems backup power, water supply, irrigation, telecommunication systems among many others...


Farmers take advantage of renewable energy in many ways such as electric fences, water supply pumping for home, wildlife and cattle, dear feeders, gate openers, appliances, and lights.

Recreational & Marine Vehicles

Recreational vehicles are easily adjusted to photovoltaic energy systems since most of the appliances and equipment operate on direct current (DC). 


Photovoltaic modules can provide energy for garden lights, walkway lights, water fountains, ponds, and house street address signs.


Many apartments and commercial businesses utilize solar gate openers as well as security alarms and cameras.  Many university campuses have 911 telephones and strobe lights operating on solar energy.


School signs are one most common applications for photovoltaics. Another typical application for solar panels is campus map signs, emergency exits, highway signs, advertisement signs, commercial business sings among many other uses...



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