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Solar Products

Photovoltaic Modules (PVs)

Solartech Technologies is committed to deliver world class cost effective, clean energy sources to our customers.  We offer the widest variety of photovoltaic products empowering our customers to make the choices that would best fit their needs. (more)

Sealed Batteries

At Solartech Technologies, we carefully evaluate batteries we offered to our customers to ensure the highest quality product available in the market place. (more)

Charge Controllers & Inverters

Our charger controllers are economical and efficient.  We offer high-end sophisticated chargers that have the capability to preserve the life of your electronics.  Solartech Technologies offers a wide range of DC to AC power inverters with power levels ranging from 75 watts to 3000 watts for a variety of applications such as boats, recreational vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, work vehicles, automobiles, telecommunications, off-grid, grid-tie and backup power. (more)

Water Pumps

Solartech Technologies carries a wide range of pumps for a wide rage of applications including agricultural, lawn, garden, residential and commercial.  We offer high quality solar powered water pumping equipment, including submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps and jet pumps. (more)

Wind Generators

Solartech Technologies offers you a great variety of battery charging and grid-tie wind turbines for virtually any application. (more)

Energy Saving Appliances

Solar Technologies offers you a great variety of energy saving options for remote homes, sailboats, recreational vehicles, telecommunications, and hybrid systems. (more)

Solar Hot Water Collectors

Solar Technologies manufactures and distributes a wide variety of hot water collectors from the most economical to the best in the nation. Our hot water collectors are engineered to out perform most of the hot water collectors in the US. (more)

Solar Attic Vents

Solar attic fans can save hundreds of dollars a year in electric, heating and cooling utility bills. In addition, they can reduce your cooling needs by 30% according to The Home Institute of Ventilation. (more)

Miscellaneous Solar Products

Solartech Technologies offers you a great variety of energy saving options that will help you save energy and are environmentally friendly. (more)

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